Szkoła stacjonarna

The student receives a link to an interactive whiteboard and to a special online platform which greatly supports their learning of new vocabulary and expressions. The board we use offers various opportunities, including:

  • uploading educational materials onto it - successive lessons with drawings, texts, videos etc. are prepared by our teachers for each individual student or group. The board has no limits (with the option of zooming in and out you can either focus on a specific image, exercise, file, etc, or get a bird’s-eye view of all the lessons)
  • personalized materials - each student or group has their own unique board - assigned to them and inaccessible to the public
  • logging in and editing at any time, either by the teacher or the student
  • simultaneous viewing , listening and editing
  • a multitude of editing tools
  • intuitive use and visual attractiveness
  • access to the entire history of lessons from one link